God's Plan

             I am driving through Texas, contemplating my move from California to Texas, questioning whether or not this will be a good idea for my family and I. I started to feel anxious and worried. But I knew that wasn’t’ what God wanted to me feed into. In that moment, God spoke to my heart and reminded me that his plans for my life are always good.              I realized that the fight against our thoughts is not with people or what people have done to us or say about us. Our fight is with fear, doubt & discouragement. There are days when I question if what I am doing...

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Original Babe

            You are an original babe! You are DOPE! You are special in so many ways! I know we all go through social media sometimes and place the comparison factor in our minds, but I say don’t fall into that trap! People throw the word original around to use it in different contexts, but I decided to use it to inspire others to embrace their originality. You are an original because there is no one like you and there will never be anyone like you. It doesn’t mean that you and your family or friends won’t be similar, but what original means is accepting who you are with embrace and true love. Embrace your strengths, but...

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Love Yourself!

So I’ve been holding on to this post for a few weeks now and since tomorrow is International women's day I thought this would be perfect time to remind you that loving yourself is a great thing! As of today, it has officially been one month and a few weeks since I have started this new journey of building the Inspire Dope brand. I love all that I am learning! I am excited to share that my family and I are definitely enjoying this new season of our life. There is something so amazing about stepping into the unknown. What I love most about this journey of starting this brand is that there are so many possibilities. I’ve also learned to value who I am...

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Live the Life you Love!

Hey ya’ll sending a little inspiration and positive vibes your way! For years I have been juggling my role as a Christian wife, mother, daughter, and business owner. I find myself in a place where managing my time is important, but also letting go of what I cannot or did not get done in the short amount of time one day has to offer. I've been reflecting a lot on my view about where my life is suppose to be and whom I am supposed to be and at what age I am supposed to arrive. But what I realize is comparison is the thief of identity and the thief of joy and appreciation for the life I do have....

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Inspire Dope

  Hello! Welcome to Inspire Dope. My name is Lecéy. I am born in raised in one of America’s finest cities, San Diego, California! I’ve been married to my amazing husband Alex for 8 years now. We have two gorgeous girls named Giuliana Noelle and Gabriella Grace. They’re definitely a huge part of my inspiration for starting this clothing brand. But nonetheless, I started Inspire Dope, with a desire to remind that person who feels broken, alone, hurt, with low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, who is battling depression, or feels like there is no purpose for your life. I am here to remind you, YOU ARE DOPE! Inspire Dope is not only created to sell clothing, but is created to inspire, encourage and empower you! God's...

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