Live the Life you Love!

Hey ya’ll sending a little inspiration and positive vibes your way! For years I have been juggling my role as a Christian wife, mother, daughter, and business owner. I find myself in a place where managing my time is important, but also letting go of what I cannot or did not get done in the short amount of time one day has to offer. I've been reflecting a lot on my view about where my life is suppose to be and whom I am supposed to be and at what age I am supposed to arrive.

But what I realize is comparison is the thief of identity and the thief of joy and appreciation for the life I do have. In my search for understanding about life and purpose, I’ve learned to value the one life I have be given and the short amount of time I have on earth. Truly one of the greatest reasons why I created this line was so that I could be home with my children, so that I can have the liberty to be a great wife, momma, and so that I can live my purpose through what I love to do.

I cannot take any credit for anything I have learned so far in this life. But I can say without doubt and with confidence that grace is real. The truth of Jesus is real. His love and his grace have brought me to where I am today. I am eternally grateful for his love. He is the reason why I am alive today, not dead and buried six feet underground from an drug overdose or alcohol poisoning, drunk accident or rape or whatever any other crazy situation I use to put myself in.

I have been given a second chance to live a better life than the first half of my life. With that said that is why I am so passionate about inspiring anyone who joins me on this journey to live out the DOPE within you, without fear and without worry about what others will think of you. And instead of allowing those fears to dictate you, go after the life you want with Jesus by your side.

I hope to encourage you that Jesus’ love for you is so real! His plans for your life are for good and not for evil. He is fighting for you! Don’t give up that daydream. Don’t let the thief of comparison try to steal your identity or your joy and gratitude of the life you have! You have one life, one chance to live your best life NOW! Love the life you’ve been given. And don’t be afraid to go after your dreams!


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