Love Yourself!

So I’ve been holding on to this post for a few weeks now and since tomorrow is International women's day I thought this would be perfect time to remind you that loving yourself is a great thing! As of today, it has officially been one month and a few weeks since I have started this new journey of building the Inspire Dope brand. I love all that I am learning! I am excited to share that my family and I are definitely enjoying this new season of our life. There is something so amazing about stepping into the unknown. What I love most about this journey of starting this brand is that there are so many possibilities. I’ve also learned to value who I am and who I am created to be.

As I have matured in the last 30 years, I’ve learned to value my worth. I've learned the importance of loving God, loving those around me and now I have learned the importance of loving myself. More now than ever, I feel that I am in season where loving myself is the next part of my life that I haven’t really tapped into. I never fully understood what loving myself meant. In the past I use to associate loving your-self as a selfish, negative or ego driven connotation. As a wife of 6 years, a mother of 5 years and a Christian for now 8 years, my perspective about what it means to love your-self has changed forever.

I can’t say that over night things clicked and I understood what loving myself meant, but I have a grasp of what it means and I love it. I now understand that loving yourself equally as you love others is okay. It is actually a healthy decision. I also learned that loving yourself requires embracing the authentic and genuine you. It does not mean you will disregard the world around you and be un-apologetically rude and obnoxious because loving those around you equally requires respect. What I mean is you are free of worrying what others say about you when you’re not around, you care less about impressing others and more about fulfilling your dreams, your goals, and your visions regardless of what others might think.

I hope that with this brand you can find a space where your unique, authentic, real and raw self is accepted, embraced and nurtured. Because let me be the one to tell you, YOU ARE DOPE! In case someone hasn’t told you already. You are unique. You are special regardless of where you are in life and what you think your life looks like in comparison to others!

Listen don’t fall into that trap of comparing yourself to others. Instead try this for me, start doing things that you actually love to do, be yourself more if you’re not already. Love your laugh; love your looks, love your mind, your strengths and your weaknesses. Embrace your antics and all your flaws. I’m so sure there are many people around you who are just as crazy as you if not crazier. I’m sure there are so many weirdos around you who probably hide their weird or who hide behind whatever facade they’re trying to uphold. The point is, we are ALLLLLL human!! Just learn to love and forgive yourself. Watch and see amazing things happen!


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