Original Babe


          You are an original babe! You are DOPE! You are special in so many ways! I know we all go through social media sometimes and place the comparison factor in our minds, but I say don’t fall into that trap! People throw the word original around to use it in different contexts, but I decided to use it to inspire others to embrace their originality. You are an original because there is no one like you and there will never be anyone like you. It doesn’t mean that you and your family or friends won’t be similar, but what original means is accepting who you are with embrace and true love. Embrace your strengths, but also your weaknesses. This means to love the REAL YOU and not conform to the ideals and pressures of society and pop culture just to “fit in.” Love yourself deeply in a healthy way that is not selfish.

            Loving yourself allows you to genuinely love others and genuinely forgive others. It allows offense to roll off your shoulders without holding grudges or heartache. Loving yourself will light up this world. And when you know who you are and you are at peace with your identity you will find a confidence that truly brings humility. When you know your identity you do not allow the world to define you. Your identity is not found in material things. Your identity is not found in social standing, or how many likes and followers or friends you have. The world could never offer an identity that Jesus gives. I found that struggled with my identity as a teen and at the beginning stages of my young adult hood not because of my surroundings or influences, but because of my lack of being close to the one who created me.

            My prayer for you is that you will not get caught up in social media, social standing, or the hierarchy of politics, but truly look at yourself in the mirror and value who you are not based on your current situation, or the setbacks in your life, but rather by the peace and word of God on the inside of you.

YOU ARE DOPE! You are an original babe!




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